Hehe’s Winter Journey in North East China


Hehe’s Winter Journey in North East China 2023

  During the Chinese New Year of 2023, I brought Hehe(My Son) back to the bitterly cold winter of Northeast China for the first time. Our first destination was Harbin, a city that once hosted my four years of university life and remains one of the most important cities to me to this day. Here, I not only have my dear friends but also the Icebreaking Society and its leaders, who are all treasures in my life. I hope to share these special memories with Hehe, allowing him to experience the wonderful times I had in Harbin and the mysterious connection I hold with this city.
  My hometown is located approximately 600 kilometers away from Harbin, under the jurisdiction of Hegang City, near the border between China and Russia. Hegang gained attention in recent years due to media coverage of its remarkably low housing prices. However, in reality, my hometown has little connection to Hegang besides administrative affiliation. It differs from traditional Chinese rural areas or towns and resembles more of a rural agricultural town in North America—serene, spacious, and sparsely populated.I lived here until I went to university, and most of my relatives still reside here. During the Lunar New Year celebrations in Northeast China, I took Hehe to the parks where I used to play as a child, indulge in my favorite childhood barbecue spots, and play with the children of my cousins. These are my fondest childhood memories, and being able to share them with my son feels incredibly surreal.