“Campfire”,No Space Gallery,Ningbo,China2008

  展览地点:空空间艺术机构 NO SPACE
  策展: 朱斌峰
  ERIS 灰穹 林舒 李伟 刘垣 木格 汤庭 熊小默 杨大为 姚辉 张君刚 张渊 赵磊 朱力 朱墨 庄严

Campfire – A Fine Art Photography Exhibition by Young Chinese Photographers

The exhibition will be works of “Landscapes” works mainly works may be included in figures and still life, has been melting in the landscape of limitless. These “phase from the Heart” works bare the time changes in the young photographers under the sensitive feelings of the art, the images retain a unique appeal to the audience, showing it is not ambitious artists personal life to infiltrate into the narrative scene.

Today, at the impact of new media, digital photography begin widespread, everyone can pick up at the convenience of camera time, and my camera at the time an ambiguous relationship, part of the photographer took the tedious selection of traditional film photography way, or by way of the past to move to shooting practice new ideas and explore new themes and concerns. Moreover, this part of the photographer in the last century, many of which are born during 70,80 photographers, their concerns have been quite different from their predecessors.

This exhibition, the Chinese were the first time in cutting-edge photography groups debut posture. As they came to an open expanse of heaven and earth in between, all the collection of firewood, lit the fire; holding hands, singing songs, dancing around a bright red light so that everyone becomes warm and beauty.